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Warranty & Crash Replacement


We warrant all products to be free from defects in materials or workmanship for five years from the original purchase date for the original owner (valid proof of purchase required).

We design our products to be used every day. At Vortex, we ride and race hard and we expect you to do the same. Consider yourself a part of the Vortex family when you purchase our products, and rest assured that we will cover impact damage from riding.

Modified, misplaced, misused, melted, improperly installed, or blatantly abused Vortex product is not covered by warranty. brake pads and Vortex brass nipples are designed specifically for our rims, and failure to use either voids your warranty. Purchases made through eBay or similar resale sites are not supported by Vortex.

LOYALTY GUARANTEE offers a 2 years loyalty guarantee program to the original owner for Vortex manufactured products. This catchall program covers accidents which fall outside of our warranty coverage for any reason.

We design our products for aggressive riding on tough terrain. However, we can’t engineer carbon to survive a collision with your garage, exposure to your exhaust, or being pitched off a cliff. We’ve worked with carbon long enough to tell the difference.

Our goal is to keep customers in the Vortex family for life. No matter what the circumstance, as part of this program, the price of replacement Vortex product is 50% off the listed local MSRP. Please note that sales tax, freight, VAT/Import duties, shipping, and labor are not covered by Vortex. Additional replacement parts are not covered by Vortex.